Small Stamped Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Depending upon yoru unique project requirements, the metal stampings team will help you select the best stainless stell alloy for your needs. 
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Sheet Metal Stamping Parts For Automotive Industry

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Cold roll steel, Q235, 20#, 45#

Carbon steel: CRS/SPCC, SECC

Aluminum: Al5052, Al6061, Al6063

Brass: C36000(C26800), C37700(HPb59), C38500(HPb58), C27200(CuZn37), C28000(CuZn40)

Materail standard: GB, ASTM, EN, DIN, JIS, BS, ANSI, SAE

Surface treatment:Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, Tin plating(color or natural), sandblasting, painting, powder coating, galvaniztion, anodizing(white or black color), E-coating, polishing, passivation, brush, rust-inhibiting oils, eectroplate, etc.

Metal processing:A. tooling manufacturing: sand casting, investment casting, silicone, sol casting, die casting, gravity casting. B. stamping parts: tooling making, samples approval, cutting, stamping, punching, tapping, welding, bending and forming, finishing, assembly. CNC parts: CNC lathe milling, CNC lathe turning, drilling, tapping, finishing

Tolerance:stamping parts: 0.01-0.1mm. CNC machining parts 0.1-0.002mm

Documents:Certificate ISO9001: 2008, SGS

Specification:OEM/ODM, make per customer’s drawings or sample


Mold:single cavity molds, multi-cavity molds of the same part; family cavity molds of different parts.

With the extensive experience of our staff and utilizing the latest technology we offer high quality cold rolled steel stampings to our customers. These customers come to us from a wide range of industries including:

·       electronics

·       automotive

·       medical

·       agriculture

·       construction

·       Food

·       Commercial

Custom stainless steelstamping alloys(301, 304, 316, etc)

Stamping 301 Stainless Steel

Moderately high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. Available in hard, half hard and full hard.

Stamping 304 Stainless Steel

The workhorse of the 300 SS series, where moderate tensile properties, corrosion resistance are required, and most common in food grade quality stainless steel & stainless steel disc stamping

Stamping 316 & 316L Stainless Steel

Modification of the basic 300 SS series. Added molybdenum improves strength and corrosion resistance. Used for pharmaceutical, food processing and marine environments.

Stamping 321 & 347 Stainless Steel

Variations of the basic 18-8 composition. Stabilized by alloy addition to improve weldability and high-temperature service.

Stamping 17-7PH Stainless Steel

Heat-treatable stainless steel with forming characteristics of 304. May be hardened up to 200 thousand tensile strength after cold forming.

Tooling Stainless Steel Components

Delivering close-tolerance, superior quality stainless steel components for business partners around the country, Xinsanxin Metal Stampings provides low-cost, high-value tooling and steel fabrication for any project quantity. Stainless steel stamping operations include:

·       Blanking

·       Bending

·       Metal Forming

·       Piercing

·       Coining

·       Short Run & Prototyping

·       Stainless steel disc stamping

Characteristics of Stamped Stainless Steel Components

Features and advantages of stainless steel include:

·       Fire and heat resistance: Stainless steel that is alloyed with high amounts of chromium and nickel are especially resistant to thermal stress.

·       Aesthetics: Consumers appreciate the clean, modern look of stainless steel, and it can also be electropolished for improved finish.

·       Long-term cost effectiveness: While it may cost more initially, stainless steel endures for decades without a breakdown in quality or appearance.

·       Sanitary: Trusted by the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries because it is easy to clean, some stainless steel alloys are also considered food-grade.

·       Sustainability: Stainless steel is considered one of the most sustainable alloy choices, making it ideal for use in green manufacturing methods.

Schedule Stainless Steel Stamping & Tooling

An industry leader, HG Precision Components is a LEAN manufacturing award winner, streaming your project from start to finish, our team of metal and alloy specialists works within your buget and timeline parameters to achieve your project objectives.

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