• Problems Associated with CNC Aluminium Machining
    Problems Associated with CNC Aluminium Machining
    Problems Associated with CNC Aluminium Machining Although CNC Parts are far better due to an accurate machining process, CNC aluminium parts pose a problem during the manufacturing process. The most prominent problem faced during CNC machining of Aluminium parts is overheating, which cases the part to deform and sometimes melt. This happens because not all Aluminium alloys are suitable for machining, also selecting an appropriate feed rate and tool is extremely important for creating CNC aluminium parts. Only an experienced CNC operator can work on aluminium parts and select appropriate cutting parameters in order to ensure the best results. At HG Precision, all our employees are trained to create custom machined parts according to your needs. In addition to selecting the appropriate parameters, there are several other techniques that can improve the results, some of them are as follows: Symmetrical Machining With this technique, heat is distributed more evenly across the work piece resulting in better heat dissipation. With this technique, we can avoid heat concentration on the part which would ultimately reduce deformation of the machined part. Stratified Machining In this method, cavities in the work piece are dealt with at the same time, making it harder for the uneven forces to deform the part. With the application of uniform force, stress concentrations in the part will be reduced which would increase the lifecycle of the part. Optimization of the Cutting Tools It is obvious that the properties of the cutting tool would play an important role in the machining process. The combination of the geometric and material properties of the cutting tool allows us to control the applied force and heat dissipation on the part. By changing the front angle, rear angle, helix angle and the main deflection angle, we can change the force applied on the part and the average temperature of the processing area. Strictly controlling tool wear As described above, the cutting tool is quite important for the machining process, so it must be properly cared for. With regular inspection of the cutting tool and proper maintenance, the results can be significantly improved. Selecting the best alloy Not all alloys of Aluminium are suited for precision machining process, though their performance can be increased by applying the above-mentioned techniques, it is better to select an alloy with mechanical properties suited for this process. Aluminium grades such as 6061, 7075, 2024, 5052, and 6063 are some of the popular choices for CNC aluminium parts. HG Precision Component: A Leader in providing Custom CNC Parts Whether you need automatic components or precise medical tools, HG Precision Component Manufacturing Ltd can help you out. Our team of experts have both the technical knowledge and the facilities to deliver even the most complex parts in the shortest time possible, making it possible for you to launch your product in the market sooner.
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  • Stamping Parts Flow Chart And Application Range
    Stamping Parts Flow Chart And Application Range
    Stamping Parts Flow Chart And Application Range Stamping (also known as pressing) is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a net shape. Stamping includes a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes, such as punching using a machine press or stamping press, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. This could be a single stage operation where every stroke of the press produces the desired form on the sheet metal part, or could occur through a series of stages. The process is usually carried out on sheet metal, but can also be used on other materials, such as polystyrene. Progressive dies are commonly fed from a coil of steel, coil reel for unwinding of coil to a straightener to level the coil and then into a feeder which advances the material into the press and die at a predetermined feed length. Depending on part complexity, the number of stations in the die can be determined. Stamping is usually done on cold metal sheet. Stamping operations are suitable for both short or long production runs, and be conducted with other metal forming operations, and may consist of one or more of a series of more specific processes or techniques, such as: · Punching · Blanking · Embossing · Coining · Bending · Flanging Industries metal stamping is used for: · Aerospace · Agriculture · Ammunitions · Major appliances · Small appliances · Automotive · Commercial · Construction · Electronics · HVAC · Lawn care and equipment · Lighting · Lock hardware · Marine · Medical · Plumbing · Power storage · Power tools · Small engine HG Precison engineer team member good epxerience about the automotive stamping, Customer's demands are dealt with by our motivated team to get the best results possible. With the use of up to date 3 dimensional CAD technologies we are capable of solving complicated tasks in short lead times. With our trouble free design concept and manufacturing methods you as a customer are guaranteed very reasonable rates. As regards quality management we are certified and have strict quality controls continuously. such as gear stamping parts, the parts polish is over 90% polishing. Or automobile sprocket, or house appliance conncetor gear parts.
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  • The Precision Stamping Machine For Your Precision Stamping Parts
    The Precision Stamping Machine For Your Precision Stamping Parts
    The Precision Stamping Machine For Your Precision Stamping Parts Per customer feedback, the precision parts not only CNC Machinery, but also need the stamping to produce. Per customer request, the precision stamping machine for customer precision stamping parts. HG Precision rich experience engineer, from drawings checking, layout, and price quotation, and assembly, deburr, subsequent procedure, grinding, and polishing, deoil, or rust protection, also heat treament, plating. The process will be design by our 10years stamping experience engineers team. The small stamping parts will be used in house appliance, hardware connector, electronic hardware fittings, or vehicle stamping parts, precision medical stamping parts, outdoor goods stamping parts, or computer accessories. We are professional metal stamping steel components China manufacturer from Guangdong Foshan, all stampign parts can be custom made in our factory. Precison OEM punching bending metal stamping parts. Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass Processing: stamping, punching, bending, welding, threading, grinding, milling, machining Press range: from 5ton to 110ton Surface finishing: anodizing, zine plated, chrome coated, nickel plated, electrophoresis High quality control, no burr and scratch on surface and trimming edge Process: design mold-confirm samples- purchase material-blanking-punching-welding/bending-forming-drawing-surface treatment-inspection-assemble products- package We can produce and process stamping parts according your requirements. Lead time for samples is 15days COC, Test reports, RohS, plating report, coating report, material report, is available Equipment: for mold: EDM Machine, wire cutting machine, CNC Machine, grinding machine Process material: SPCC, SGCC, Stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, aluminum alloy, copper, hot galvanized, polishing, chrome/zine/nickel plating, powder coating, anodize Product Process: stamping, deep drawing, bending, punching, laser cutting, threading, welding, tapping, riveting, grinding The youtube stamping video is our project for your reference:
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  • Why Customer Bulk Purchase Mold Punch From HG Precision
    Why Customer Bulk Purchase Mold Punch From HG Precision
    Why Customer Bulk Purchase Mold Punch From HG Precision Standard Mold Punch, we can supply to customer with cheap price, rich capacity, 10000pcs per month is possible. Even with Ticn/Tin Process, as we have 6sets high accuracry CNC grinding customized machines, which is specical for mold punch and pin, tolerance is over 0.003mm, polishing surface. Carbide Mold Standard Punch is about MISUMI, PUNCH, HASCO, FIBRO, DIN, JIS, and so on. As our cheapest price, the carbide mold punch is ordered 10000pcs per lot, quality is got feedback for years, the punch is used in house appliance, and automobile, or electronics. Material is HITACHI SKD61, 1.2387 European material, Stavax, 1.2344, SKD11, SKH51, SKD61, SKH-9, H13, ASSAB steel, BOHLER Steel, and so on. We will supply you the mass production mold punch and pin as we have sets of high accuracy precision automotive grinding machine. For Indian market: For Japanse market: For USA market: For Turkey market: For Indonesia maket For Spain market For Germany market:
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  • Why Customer Keep Long Cooperate With Us About CNC Machinery Parts
    Why Customer Keep Long Cooperate With Us About CNC Machinery Parts
    Why Customer Keep Long Cooperate With Us About CNC Machinery Parts 1. We can design CAD and 3D for you, if your drawing only have PDF, but the parts is complex, or as scan drawing not clear, need CAD&3D to make process. As we have rich experience engineers, we can according your PDF drawings to make 3D/CAD for you. Such as: The drawings design will be worked while the rough process is going on, so the schedule will be SAME as usual. 2. What industries use HG Precision CNC Machinery The few main industries high using precision machining pare: 1. The medical industry More and more developed and advanced machines are required with the advancements of treatment. These machines are developed using both micro and macro sized parts. Parts designed using precision machining srvice in giving high efficiency and performance in the machines used in the medical industry. Such as sleeves, and dental engine precision parts, precision stainless steel shaft. 2. The transportation industry Divers pares and components like pistons, connectors, sleeves, shafts, collars, and couplings are required to build strutures of all kind of conveyances like trains, buses, scooters, cars, trucks etc. Precision machining parts helps in designing parts with accurate dimensions which are more reliable and have a longer life. 3. The electron industry Such as the mobile phone, and camera, and printer, the phone, the small parts also finished by CNC Machinery, the pin, block, plate, punch, slider, and so on. 4. The household industry The household industry, especial the shim plate, the ejector pin, the metal plate, or the Zn plating, Ni plating parts. Copper machinery parts. 5. The robot industry The robot machine, HG Precision can make the aluninum parts, with aluminium oxide parts, flexible ligth and beautiful appearance. The stainless steel arm and shaft. 6. Automatic production line precision parts, jig and fixture, materia is about carbide, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, nylon, PEEK, and so on. HG Precision CNC Machinery parts service for customer by within 2hrs quotation, the second day arrived shipment, 1pc order is possible, and on time delivery, good quality. Standard manaufacture, or non-standard manufacture is welcome, looking forward to your reply!
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  • Small Sheet Metal Stamping Parts
    Small Sheet Metal Stamping Parts
    Small Sheet Metal Stamping Parts 1. Per customer sample, we check the size, and make the layout. Single Cavity Mold Layout, this is base on customer quantity forecast. 2. We make the quotation by the cost list for the sheet metal gear stamping parts: Cost including: mold fee, material fee, stamping fee, deburr fee, human cost, package cost, transportation insurance , and warehouse fee, and tax. 3. The shioment will be provide the material certification. Or material can be provided by customer, that is acceptable. 4. As this is precision stamping gear parts, we will provide the package method by PPT to customer. Which is save shipment cost, antirust, and easy to distinguish, and as this is by sea shipment, safety is the first consideration. 5. Other small metal stamping parts: Here is our layout and production preparation for the small stamping gear parts. Welcome to send your inquiry to us, we will make the analysis for you in short time.
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  • Impalpable Mold Micro Carbide Core Pin
    Impalpable Mold Micro Carbide Core Pin
    Micro Carbide Core Pin HG Precision have special high accuracy automatic grinding machine to make the micro carbide core pin. Mass produciton is over 10000pcs per month as we have over 7sets machines like this. Further more, we have the engineers who has rich experience to manage and make core pin. Accuracy is like this, just for reference: Quality Control:Core Pin like this we can make inspection by no-contact inspect machine, which is imported from Japanese. (as high accuracy, and Technology research and development achievements, will not show outside) Material: the mateiral is imported from Japanse, official carbide materal, KG7, V30, G5, and so on. Package: as the edge is very small, easy to break, so we will design the speical package for these micro core pin. Market: now is mainly for Japanese, USA. Spain. We have the special team to make these kinds of carbide core pin, caribide located pin, carbide lock pin, which edge is over 0.01mm. tolerance 0.003mm. We study the core pin parts usage environment from our customers for times, such as machine, and tooling, and operator, so we can control it very well. As our automatic production and focus on the core pin produciton, the price is cheaper than other suppliers. Until now we have long cooperate to China mainland, and other foreign customers and get good feedback. Looking forward to get your inquiry if you have purchase plan about these. Related core pin parts:
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