Small Sprocket Fine Blanking Stamping Parts

We offer our customers from different industries all from a single source, from product development to the mounted assembley. Send Enquire to us!

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    Small Sprocket Parts
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    TT Advance, paypal, westion union, and so on
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    Made In China
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    Raw Steel Material Color
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    Shenzhen, Guangzhou Or Hongkong
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    Within 1 month
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Sprocket Fine Blanking Stamping Parts


Today HG Precision offers the complete program aroud the punching technique. We manufacture high sophisticated tools, high-precision fine blanked parts, stamping parts, bending parts, stamping and deep drawn parts and metal pressing parts. The assembly production and the production of small and large series are part of our extensive range of services.


For our national and international customers, we manufacture complex parts on the followping presses:

Deep drawinging presses

Fine blanking press

Pressing machine



Steel, stainless steel(1.4301/1.4571/4310,ect, SUS303, Zn plating, and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, bronze and brass, and substance capable plastices, sheet thickness: 0.05mm-10.0mm

Coil: 300mm* 10mm and 1000mm*8mm


Product line/products:

Fastening systems for photovoltaic systems such as roof hooks, shielding, cell connectors, mugs, fittings, spacers, flanges, housing, holders, sleeves, contacts, discs, clamps, braces, disc springs, angles and gears.



The following services offered by our professional expert toolmaking:

Project development to series production

Tool design

Prototype production

Construction of composite tools, drawings tools, stamping tools, bending tools, fine-cut and cutting tools as well as devices


Subsequent processing

Vibratory grinding, brush deburring, drums, tape loops with automatic feed

Heat treatment- all standard methods(inter-stage hardening, Nitriding, hardening, and Nitrocarburizinga)


Surface Finishing/Surface coating

Power coating, KTL, paiting

Electroplated coatings of Au to Zn/Ni(chrome plating, galvanizing, burnishing)


Assembly produciton

As a system supplier, we offer our customers from different industries all from a single source-from product development to the mounted assembly.

Insert gas welding(TIG/MIG/MAGE)

Robot welding

Stud welding

Spot and projection welding

Pressure joining(clinching/clinching)

Riveting, caulking, gluing

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