Textile Metal Stamping Parts

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    Textile Metal Press
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    TT Advance, paypal, westion union, and so on
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    Made In China
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    Raw Steel Material Color
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    Shenzhen, Guangzhou Or Hongkong
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    Within 1 month
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Small Textile Metal Stamping Parts


Quality, right from the word go!


Our raw materials range from stainless steel, spring steels, bronze, brass, copper, beryllium copper and other high alloy steel with a minimum thickness of 0.05mm and a maximum of 2.0 respectively. We also use pre galvanized or electroplated strips or the components can be treated after punching(in bulk). Our components have applications in the following fields: electrical, electronic, automotive, household appliances and also in the fasteners and clips industries.


Household appliances:

The  designers of household appliances put their trust in our innovative pressing technology to keep them ahead.Apart from this we have the best solutions for surface trestments.


Fuses and electrical safety equipment

The electrical and electronices industries use HG Precision’s components to be able to work economically in order to create a price advantage. Electrical conductivity is by no means ignored. 




Branches like these with very short reserch and development periods use HG Precision and rapid reaction times as an advantage.



Components made by HG Precision can be found in different automobile models of the leading Asian car manufacture.




Small precision textile metal stamping parts, from consultation, tool design, toolmaking, primary parts, 98% of all tools manufacture by us are suitable for production directly after the first pressings have beed made.

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