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Customized Sheet Metal Stamping Parts

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process used to convert flat metal sheets into specific shapes using one or several dies and tool sets.

Our custom metal stamping methods are trustworthy  and multi-functional.

We deliver parts that provide excellent  operation to our customers.

To guarantee the quality and precision of the tooling and dies we used to produce your custom metal parts, we operate an in-house tool and die shop for our exclusive utilization.

All our dies and tools are engineered and built in-house using EDM and CNC machines. This allow us to maintain tight tolerances throughout the entire metal stamping process.

Full-Service Custom Metal Stamping

Our services go beyond custom metal stamping. We offer secondary services to provide end-to-end solutions to our customers, including

·        Electroplating 

·        Powder coating 

·        MIG Welding 

Parts Appliance:

Material: Cold Rolled Plated Q235/SPCC/Tin Plate

Thickness: 3MM

Tolerance: 0.1mm

Appliance: Auto Seat Belt, Auto Heater Parts, Motor Parts, Electronic, Medical, Mechanical, Contruction Industry, WLAN

When working with our customers we focus on:

1) Adhering to customer’s requirements and providing reliable quotes

2) Ensuring our work is of the highest quality standards

3) Matching and working on the best price for customers

4) Providing exhaustive information every step of the way

5) Fanatical customer service and support before during and after all processes


Our team has a rich knowledge and experience, own several years design experience and developed. And we can provide 2D or 3D drawing for your confirmation according to your drawing or sampling, and you can get aunbeatable assistance and service in you all industries. 


Package For Reference:

1. Tape and Reel Packing

2. Blister Box Packing

3. Plastic Bag Packing

4. Or According To Your Requirement


1.Q:What is our factory product range

A:1) Precision stamping parts (Shielding case,Battery Holder,Terminal,Shrapnel,etc)

2) Connector

3) Heat Sink

4) Tele-communication

2.Q:What do you need to provide a quote?

A: Please kindly send us the drawing or sample of your product.

Details below should be included:


2).Surface Finish  


4).EAU & MOQ

3.Q:How to get the sample from us?

A: If you need some samples to test. Please send your drawing to us for making.

(Drawing Format: JPG,PDF,DWG,STEP)

4.Q:How much do us need to pay sample fee?

A: 1) If samples you need we have in stock, the samples can be free provided for you.

   2) If samples need to make it according to your drawing, we will collect some samples fee, but the cost will be refund for you whe mass production,don’t worry  about it.

5.Q:How do I know about the production?

   A: We will double confirm your requirements and send you the sample before mass production.During the mass production, we will keep you informed of any progress. Besides, we will do 100% quality inspection before shipment.

6.Q:How do I know about the delivery?

  A: We will inform you of the tracking number once we get it from shipping agent. Also we will keep updating the latest shipping information for you.

Contact us today to discuss your project and how we might serve you.

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