Small Sheet Metal Stamping Parts Jan 08, 2020

Small Sheet Metal Stamping Parts

1. Per customer sample, we check the size, and make the layout.

Single Cavity Mold Layout, this is base on customer quantity forecast.

2. We make the quotation by the cost list for the sheet metal gear stamping parts:

Cost including: mold fee, material fee, stamping fee, deburr fee, human cost, package cost, transportation insurance , and warehouse fee, and tax.

3. The shioment will be provide the material certification. Or material can be provided by customer, that is acceptable.

4. As this is precision stamping gear parts, we will provide the package method by PPT to customer. Which is save shipment cost, antirust, and easy to distinguish, and as this is by sea shipment, safety is the first consideration.

5. Other small metal stamping parts:

Here is our layout and production preparation for the small stamping gear parts.

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