Impalpable Mold Micro Carbide Core Pin Jan 08, 2020

Micro Carbide Core Pin

HG Precision have special high accuracy automatic grinding machine to make the micro carbide core pin. Mass produciton is over 10000pcs per month as we have over 7sets machines like this. Further more, we have the engineers who has rich experience to manage and make core pin.

Accuracy is like this, just for reference:

Quality Control:Core Pin like this we can make inspection by no-contact inspect machine, which is imported from Japanese. (as high accuracy, and Technology research and development achievements, will not show outside)

Material: the mateiral is imported from Japanse, official carbide materal, KG7, V30, G5, and so on.

Package: as the edge is very small, easy to break, so we will design the speical package for these micro core pin.

Market: now is mainly for Japanese, USA. Spain.

We have the special team to make these kinds of carbide core pin, caribide located pin, carbide lock pin, which edge is over 0.01mm. tolerance 0.003mm. We study the core pin parts usage environment from our customers for times, such as machine, and tooling, and operator, so we can control it very well. As our automatic production and focus on the core pin produciton, the price is cheaper than other suppliers. Until now we have long cooperate to China mainland, and other foreign customers and get good feedback.

Looking forward to get your inquiry if you have purchase plan about these.

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