Why Customer Keep Long Cooperate With Us About CNC Machinery Parts Jan 08, 2020

Why Customer Keep Long Cooperate With Us About CNC Machinery Parts

1. We can design CAD and 3D for you, if your drawing only have PDF, but the parts is complex, or as scan drawing not clear, need CAD&3D to make process.

As we have rich experience engineers, we can according your PDF drawings to make 3D/CAD for you.

Such as:

The drawings design will be worked while the rough process is going on, so the schedule will be SAME as usual.

2. What industries use HG Precision CNC Machinery

The few main industries high using precision machining pare:

1. The medical industry

More and more developed and advanced machines are required with the advancements of treatment. These machines are developed using both micro and macro sized parts. Parts designed using precision machining srvice in giving high efficiency and performance in the machines used in the medical industry. Such as sleeves, and dental engine precision parts, precision stainless steel shaft.

2. The transportation industry

Divers pares and components like pistons, connectors, sleeves, shafts, collars, and couplings are required to build strutures of all kind of conveyances like trains, buses, scooters, cars, trucks etc. Precision machining parts helps in designing parts with accurate dimensions which are more reliable and have a longer life.

3. The electron industry

Such as the mobile phone, and camera, and printer, the phone, the small parts also finished by CNC Machinery, the pin, block, plate, punch, slider, and so on.

4. The household industry

The household industry, especial the shim plate, the ejector pin, the metal plate, or the Zn plating, Ni plating parts. Copper machinery parts.

5. The robot industry

The robot machine, HG Precision can make the aluninum parts, with aluminium oxide parts, flexible ligth and beautiful appearance. The stainless steel arm and shaft.

6. Automatic production line precision parts, jig and fixture, materia is about carbide, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, nylon, PEEK, and so on.

HG Precision CNC Machinery parts service for customer by within 2hrs quotation, the second day arrived shipment, 1pc order is possible, and on time delivery, good quality. Standard manaufacture, or non-standard manufacture is welcome, looking forward to your reply!

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