Why Customer Bulk Purchase Mold Punch From HG Precision Jan 08, 2020

Why Customer Bulk Purchase Mold Punch From HG Precision

Standard Mold Punch, we can supply to customer with cheap price, rich capacity, 10000pcs per month is possible. Even with Ticn/Tin Process, as we have 6sets high accuracry CNC grinding customized machines, which is specical for mold punch and pin, tolerance is over 0.003mm, polishing surface.

Carbide Mold Standard Punch is about MISUMI, PUNCH, HASCO, FIBRO, DIN, JIS, and so on.

As our cheapest price, the carbide mold punch is ordered 10000pcs per lot, quality is got feedback for years, the punch is used in house appliance, and automobile, or electronics.

Material is HITACHI SKD61, 1.2387 European material, Stavax, 1.2344, SKD11, SKH51, SKD61, SKH-9, H13, ASSAB steel, BOHLER Steel, and so on.

We will supply you the mass production mold punch and pin as we have sets of high accuracy precision automotive grinding machine.

For Indian market:

For Japanse market:

For USA market:

For Turkey market:

For Indonesia maket

For Spain market

For Germany market:

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