What is Guide Pin ? Oct 08,2020
1.Definition of guide pin
The guide pin is a guide element used in the mold in combination with the components to ensure that the mold moves and guides the mold stroke with precise positioning. They are generally cylindrical with shoulders and usually have oil grooves.
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2.The material of the guide pin
The material of the guide pin is generally selected from bearing steel, hot work die steel, easy car iron, etc., and the use of bearing steel SUJ2 is larger, which greatly enhances the durability and interchangeability of the guide post in terms of guiding performance. The guide post and components constitute the outer guide post component and the inner guide post component, which have a beautiful metallic luster.

Heat treatment of guide post: HRC58-62; surface roughness of guide post: Ra0.8, Ra1.6.

3.Center hole of guide pin
The roundness of the guide pin is very demanding. The central hole is mainly used to grind the outer diameter with a cylindrical grinder, because when using a cylindrical grinder to grind the outer diameter, the center hole must be held against the center hole to rotate the guide post. Can be ground.
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4.Classification of guide pins
Guide pins, according to different places of use, are divided into: guide pins for automobile molds, independent guide pins, guide pins for mold bases, and guide pins for unloading plates.
According to the different guiding directions, it is divided into: sliding guide pin (code SGP), rolling guide pin (code SRP).
According to the different installation methods, it is divided into: loading and unloading guide pin and press-in guide pin.
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