• What is Fine Blanking? Nov 06,2020
    Fine blanking is a one hit production process for precision sheet metal parts. When the need is to manufacture high quality components with better flatness, surface finish, better dimensional tolerances, the solution is fine blanking. Unlike conventional methods like casting, forging, chip removal machining etc. there is no need for secondary operations like milling, grinding, drilling etc, what’s...
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  • Functions of Guide Pins and Bushings Oct 13,2020
    As machine tool accessories and mold parts, guide pins and bushings are in demand day after day in the development trend of various industries.In recent years, good-selling guide pins and bushings have been used in large numbers and widely, providing powerful and favorable market prospects for more industries.At the same time, in a variety of occasions, the guide pin and bushing have been unanimou...
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  • What is Guide Pin ? Oct 08,2020
    1.Definition of guide pin The guide pin is a guide element used in the mold in combination with the components to ensure that the mold moves and guides the mold stroke with precise positioning. They are generally cylindrical with shoulders and usually have oil grooves. 2.The material of the guide pin The material of the guide pin is generally selected from bearing steel, hot work die steel, easy c...
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  • Classification of Nitrogen Gas Springs Sep 27,2020
    1.Nitrogen gas springs can be roughly divided into four categories according to its basic structure: ISO International Standard Type ISO nitrogen gas spring are the most commonly used typical types of nitrogen gas springs. All technical parameters comply with the ISO11901 gas spring international standard; B-type gas springs also comply with FORD-WDX3560 (Ford), GM-M-150 (General) and Renault...
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  • What is Nitrogen Gas Spring for mold? Sep 24,2020
    Nitrogen gas spring for mold/die (referred to as die gas spring or nitrogen gas spring or nitrogen cylinder or nitrogen cylinder) is a new type of elastic component that uses high pressure nitrogen as the working medium. Nitrogen Spring Features:  Its small size, large elasticity, long stroke, stable work, precise manufacturing, long service life (one million times), flat elasticity curve, an...
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  • What is CNC Lathe? Sep 03,2020
    Numerical control lathe is also called CNC lathe,and it is one of the most widely used CNC machine tools. CNC lathes are mainly used for cutting inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of shaft parts or disc parts, inner and outer conical surfaces with arbitrary cone angles, complex rotating inner and outer curved surfaces and cylindrical, conical threads, etc., and can perform grooving, drilling, re...
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  • What Is Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Aug 15,2020
    1. Principle of WEDM Slow-moving wire is a type of electrical processing.The basic principle is electrical corrosion.In this sense, walking wire and welding are the same principle.The difference is that the slow wire is controlled by the circuit to adjust the discharge gap, stability and discharge trajectory.So it can process more precise parts.Especially in the processing of the abnormity small i...
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  • Sprue Bush Aug 03,2020
    The sprue bush is the connecting member between the machine nozzle and the mold face,or can also be described as a flow path component that allows molten plastic material to be injected from the nozzle of the injection molding machine into the interior of the mold,and provides suitable aperture through which the material can travel on its way to the mould cavity or the start of the runner system i...
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  • Flat Grinding Jul 20,2020
    Precision hand surface grinding machine 1. Basic knowledge of grinding Type, characteristics and process of grinding Abrasive and abrasive tools Grinding fluid Safety protection Common grinders and auxiliary equipment of grinders (introduction and application methods of grinders and other auxiliary equipment of grinders, including flat clamp, inclinometer, sine table, sine gauge, arc perspective d...
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  • What is Grinding? Jul 15,2020
    Classification of a grinding process Grinding refers to the method of removing the workpiece material with abrasive.According to different requirements and process purposes, grinding has developed into a variety of forms of processing technology, its application is quite extensive.The grinding referred to in this paper mainly refers to grinding with a grinding wheel.The purpose of grinding wheel i...
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