Functions of Guide Pins and Bushings Oct 13,2020

As machine tool accessories and mold parts, guide pins and bushings are in demand day after day in the development trend of various industries.In recent years, good-selling guide pins and bushings have been used in large numbers and widely, providing powerful and favorable market prospects for more industries.At the same time, in a variety of occasions, the guide pin and bushing have been unanimously favored and praised, and its role is immeasurable.So, let's take a look at its main functions in machine tools or molds?

Guide Pins and Bushings - HG precision

1.Orientation and positioning

In the production of molds, good quality guide pins and bushings play an important role in this. Its mission in the production process is to guide and position. Moreover, in the process of moving mold and fixed mold, in order to make the mold appear in place and the whole work process does not cause errors and failures due to some problems, it is its mission to fully ensure the correct alignment. Such a process shows the guiding effect of the guide pin and bushing in the mold. This is not only due to its guidance, but also the accurate positioning of the guide pins and guide bushings.

2. Support

Support is another powerful function of the guide pins and bushings. In the production of complex and exquisite molds, in order to avoid such bad conditions as the skew of the ejector plate during the ejection process, the guide pin and guide bushing maintain the ejection plate activity to ensure that the ejector plate is working. Operating normally and in a stable state. Obviously, the main role of support not only supports the top publishing activities but also supports the operation of an industry. If such an important role is lacking, one can imagine its danger.

3. Protection

Guide pin and bushing is a traditional and effective form of protection for machine tools. Its protective effect is effective in preventing the intrusion of chips and other sharp objects. Certain structural measures and suitable scrapers can also effectively reduce the penetration of coolant. In this field, the guide pins and guide bushings are effectively used. The existence of guide pins and guide bushings add a protective wall to the original problems in this industry, making it safer and stronger. I believe this is an indisputable fact in the eyes of the majority of people.

Guide Pin and Bushing - HG precision

It is precisely because of the indispensable and indispensable role of guide pins and bushings that are easily overlooked, the entire industry cannot take it lightly. Choosing such an excellent guide pins and bushings to apply to the entire industry and molding industry, presumably this will make different industries develop higher and farther, because it has an excellent sense of security. I believe these extraordinary effects will make more customers satisfied. Hope the above reference will be helpful to customers when purchasing.
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