Sprue Bush Aug 03,2020

The sprue bush is the connecting member between the machine nozzle and the mold face,or can also be described as a flow path component that allows molten plastic material to be injected from the nozzle of the injection molding machine into the interior of the mold,and provides suitable aperture through which the material can travel on its way to the mould cavity or the start of the runner system in multi-impression molds.The bolt-type nozzle is a nozzle that is fixed by two bolts and is fixed by bolts to prevent the nozzle from falling off due to the injection pressure.

Sprue Bush - HG precision

The sprue bushing is often used as the grab point in robotic removal of parts, sprues and runners. This requires that the sprue be rigid enough to resist the pressure of the robot fingers as well as the extraction forces. With conventional steel sprues this measure is most often met by added cooling time to the mold cycle. HG Precision will again reduce the sprue cool time, without any other changes to the mold. Use of this product will yield more rigid sprues with reduced cool times set on the molding machine timer.

sprue bushing - HG precision

The sprue bushing fits into the locating ring. The end is connected to either an opening in the main runner or directly to the mold cavity, depending on the setup. The sprue bushing directs the plastic through the runners, past the gate, and into the mold cavity, or directly into the cavity.Before you place the sprue bushing, identify the mold base. The two placement methods are Linear and From Runner Sketch. The Linear option positions the sprue bushing relative to two linear edges. The From Runner Sketch option positions the sprue bushing based on the end point or a point on the runner sketch geometry.

sprue bushings for molds - HG precision

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