How to choose materials for stamping die Jul 03,2020
In addition to the life of the mold depends on the mold structure design and use and maintenance, the most fundamental problem is whether the basic performance of the mold material is compatible with the mold processing requirements and working conditions. Therefore, according to the structure and use of the mold, the reasonable selection of mold-making materials is one of the important tasks of mold designers.
At present,the main molding materials of stamping dies,plastic dies,die-casting dies,forging dies,powder metallurgy dies and so on are still steel.
In general, the steel used in the manufacture of molds should have the following basic properties: 
1.good processing performance,small deformation after heat treatment 
2.good polishability,should not contain rough impurities and pores
3.good wear resistance,making the surface of the mold High hardness and long life
4.better hardenability,can withstand greater injection pressure and clamping pressure
5.good corrosion resistance
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