Mold Standard Copper plate

We offer our customers a comprehensive selection of commodities and service, JIS, DIN, AISI, MISUMI, PUNCN, FIBRO.
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    Copper plate
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    TT In Advance, Paypal, West Union, and Cash
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    Made In China
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    Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Hongkong
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    6-14days is possible
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HG Precision provides glocal JIS, DIN, AISI, MISUMI, PUNCN, FIBRO, and so on standard mould parts, special custom-built mold components and solution for global plastic mould parts. We integrate manufacturing, R&D and selling of global STD mould parts, such as ejector series(pin, sleeves, two-stage ejector pins etc.), slide core unites, latch locks,. Locating series, date stamps, slide retatiners, cooling series and mould counter etc.

We offer our customers a comprehensive selection of commodities and service.

Our product index:

Mold Standard Copper Plate

Ejector Pin and Sleeves

Slide reatiners

Latch locks

Gate Series

Date Stamps

Hot runner

Ejector series

Cooling elements

Molding automation

Locating series

Mold springs

Guide pins and bushes

Guide strips& wear plates

Electrodes and chuck

Customerized standard parts and testing machines

Pin, sleeves product summary:

Ejector pin, sleeves mainly used in plastic, pressure casting mold, the function of these parts is separated forming product from mould.

Common material SKD61, SKH51, etc. When use it will make surface wear and tear due to long time friction. In order to meet special application, surface of products will add DLC, Tin, coating etc.

Coating ejector pin recommend application situation:

1.      Fast cycle forming or request long term for application life of mould

2.      Can’t apply to this mould with lubrication oil.

3.      Usage this material of mould easy to prudce air(engineering platics, including the fiberglass resin)

4.      Ejector pin easy wear and tear to this mould(die-casting molds, including the fiberglass resin)

5.      Request this mould for high wear resistance, release, corrosion resistance.

Trunning tolerance selection method:

The tolerance of shaft diameter is decided this match tolerance by the front of ejector pin and core hole, in order to reduce friction force, increase air removal efficiency in cavity. This tolerance of bar can adopt max lower deviation to guarantee this edge clearance between shaft diameter and core hole.


When use better fluidity resin or increase injection press to shaping processing, crack position easy to produce burr, so overall consieration this two side to choose this tolerance. Normal choose -0.005 tolerance,


Please kindly give a standard item number, we will make price to you soon.

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