Precision Medical Sleeves And Pin

China High Quality High Precision Medical Core Pin Ejector Pin, find detail about guide sleeve, guide pin, medical sleeves and ejector pin. Request a quote!
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    Sleeve And Pin
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    TT In Advance, Paypal, West Union, and Cash
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    Made In China
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    Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Hongkong
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    6-14days is possible
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Precision Medical Sleeves And Pin

HG Precision Core Pins is the recognized leader in the precision grinding and custom mold components manufacturing industry using the most innovative technology. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and implement ISO standards with the ability to track and trace our products. Our products are proudly made in China and we ship worldwide. Get the Quality and Precision You Need.  

The HG Precision difference:

Highest Quality Products & Service

Over 10 Years Experience

Fast Turnaround Time

Lower Costs

One Stop Shop Manufacturing Of A Variety Of Parts

Proudly Made In China

Core Pins

Ejector Pin

Ejector blades

Bushings& sleeves

Luer taper cores

Water cooled cores

Molding pins

Medical pins

Our services:

Precision grinding

Precision surface grinding

Centerless grinding

Cylindrical OD gridning

Cylindrical ID gridning

Surface grinding

Form grinding

CNC Machining

Precision honing

Industries servied:






Power generation



And so on

HG Precision pins is the leader in the core pins and injection molding industry. We are an experience company that pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. We manufacture all types of core pins and many other mold components such as pins and bushings, ejector sleeves, guide pins, and much more. These components are used in many different industries such as medical, aerospace, military, and electronics. Core pins are used in a variety of differents such as plastic and rubber molding. A core pin is a prevision component that can very greatly in complexity and design.

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