CNC Round Turning Parts

Round parts turning at OD200-350mm by MORI. We can make the roundness over 0.002mm tolerance. By HPM77, DH2F, or SKH-9, SKD11.  Exoport for long yearts. 
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    CNC Turned Parts
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    Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Hongkong
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    6-14days is possible
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CNC Round Turning Parts

Turning can be carried out on metals like aluminum, magnesium, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, titanium and nickel alloy, as well as platics like nylon, polycarbonate, ABS, POM, PP, PMMA, PTFE, PEI, PEEK, CNC turning machines are also known as lathe machines.

Advanatages of CNC turning

1.      Cylindrical parts

CNC turning machines are ideal for creating round or cylindrical parts. Lathes create these parts quickly, accuractely and with excellent repeatability.

2.      Range or processes

Although generally used for parts of a certain shape, CNC turning can still be used to carry out a variety of cuts, including drilling, boring, threading and knurling.

3.      Professional quality

To discover the more general advantages of CNC machining with HG Precision, see our CNC Project.

Our product can be used for mold stamping system, plastic mold component, medical production line component, and automotive parts manufacture assembly, package product machine system, and so on.

CNC machines are a marvelous technology that offer a range of possibilities for accurate parts, but your end-product is only as good as the design you set out with. There are some major considerations one has to make when developing any machined part, taking into account its full geometry.

As of yet, such guidelines are more rules of thumb than real protocols set in stone. Industry-wide standards are rare and the technology is always in flux, coming up with new and exciting innovations that push the envelope in terms of what is and isn’t possible. However, there are many practices that have become tried and true rules to live by. Here are some of the restrictions and considerations that come with designing parts for CNC machining.

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