What Is Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Aug 15,2020
1. Principle of WEDM
Slow-moving wire is a type of electrical processing.The basic principle is electrical corrosion.In this sense, walking wire and welding are the same principle.The difference is that the slow wire is controlled by the circuit to adjust the discharge gap, stability and discharge trajectory.So it can process more precise parts.Especially in the processing of the abnormity small inner hole, it is irreplaceable.
2. Basic tools with WEDM
Copper wire, galvanized copper wire.
The wire diameter of copper wire is generally as follows: 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3.

Different sizes of copper wire can be processed in different ranges.Such as accuracy, shape, thickness, minimum inner corners, etc.

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3. WEDM Advantages
Complex shape and shape and inner hole machining.
Fine hole machining.
Fine Angle machining.

The effect of material hardness on the tool is not considered.You just have to think about whether it conducts electricity.

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4. WEDM Shortcomings
1) Since it is a two-axis linkage machining, the curve path follows is approximate.In addition, the degree of electrical corrosion of small parts and
The degree of electrical corrosion in other places will be different, resulting in poor line profile.Generally around 0.005.
2) Under the influence of electric field strength and tool strength, the straightness in the direction of machining thickness is poor.Generally around 0.005.
3) Poor surface roughness.The type of mirror finishing machine can reach about Ra0.2.But the general type due to surface electrical decay
The carbonized layer always exists under the influence of corrosion.
4) The inner hole line marks are unavoidable.Generally around 0.005.
5) Internal and external sharp corners are not guaranteed.Outside sharp Angle general collapse Angle more than 0.005.Internal angular machining is impossible.For work
It is round.
6) Due to the non-rigid processing, the rigid design of the machine is not good.The requirements on the plant floor are very high.
7) Due to the electrical processing, the electrical lines are dense, and the environmental requirements are very high.
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