What is CNC Machining Center? Aug 28,2020

1.Basic principle

Refers to the use of Numbers, words and symbols composed of digital instructions to achieve one or more mechanical equipment movement control technology.It usually controls mechanical quantities such as position, Angle, velocity and switch quantities related to the flow direction of mechanical energy.

2.Basic tools

Vise, cutter, cutter are divided into various specifications of flat bottom knife, ball knife, round nose knife, arc knife, flying knife, etc.

Processing center (Numerical Control Machine) is named CNC, which is a highly efficient automatic Machine tool made up of mechanical equipment and Numerical Control system for processing workpiece of complex shapes.Processing center is also called computer gong.Machining center with a tool library, with automatic tool change function, is the workpiece clamping after multi - process CNC machine tools.Machining center is highly electromechanical integration products, after the workpiece clamping, automatic numerical control system can control the machine tool according to different process selection and replacement of cutting tools, automatic knife, automatically change the spindle speed, feed, etc., it can continuously complete drilling, boring, milling, reaming, tapping and other processes, and thus greatly reduce the workpiece clamping time, secondary process and machine adjustment time, for processing complicated shape and high accuracy, varieties replacement parts frequently has the good economic effect.

What is CNC Machining Center - HG precision

3.Advantages of machining centers
After the workpiece is once clamped in the machining center, the digital control system can control the machine tool to automatically select and replace the tool according to different procedures, and automatically change the spindle speed, feed rate, tool relative to the workpiece movement track and other auxiliary functions, and complete the processing of several processes on several surfaces of the workpiece in turn.And there are a variety of knife or knife selection functions, so that the production efficiency is greatly improved.

Due to the concentration of the working procedure and automatic tool change, the machining center reduces the clamping, measuring and machine tool adjustment time of the workpiece, so that the cutting time of the machine tool reaches about 80% of the machine tool operation time (common machine tool is only 15 ~ 20%);At the same time, it also reduces the time of workpiece turnover, handling and storage between processes, shortens the production cycle, and has obvious economic effect.The machining center is suitable for small and medium-sized batch production with complex shape, high precision and frequent product replacement.

CNC Machining Center - HG precision

4.Machining center with CNC machine tools
With CNC milling machine is the same, the machining center is also composed of computer numerical control system (CNC), servo system, mechanical body, hydraulic system and other parts.
But machining center is not the same as CNC milling machine, machining center and the biggest difference is that a machining center CNC milling machine has the function of automatic switching tool through the different USES of the cutting tool knife library installation, can be in a clamping on the automatic tool change device change spindle machining cutting tools, drilling, boring, reaming, tapping screw, slotting, and other processing functions.
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